My decision to Remove my Breast Implants.

My Back Story
Many don’t know this about me but I started taking care of myself at 15. I left school my Jr year of High School completed  my GED and started working. I had a fake ID so could pretty much do what I wanted.

don’t know why now but when I was 17 before I was even developed I lied
about my age and had breast implant surgery. For years I have loved my
implants and am lucky to say that I have never had a problem with them. I
am thankful for such a beautiful job and the success they have helped
me achieve in the Adult Industry. I don’t hate plastic surgery and I
would never say otherwise.

But over the years something has
changed. I don’t know if it is that I am older and a mother now or my
time away from the Adult Industry. Something that once filled me with
confidence and joy has become quite the opposite. I constantly worry and
stress about something happening with them. In addition to the physical
symptoms I have developed over the years like back pain. They have
become a burden on my mind. I also miss things like running, completing
yoga postures correctly, sleeping on my tummy, and feeling petite. I
want to be natural and feel beautiful. These are some of the reasons
that I have decided to remove my breast implants.

The Surgery
actual surgical procedure is fairly straight forward and my down time
should be minimal. But I am prepared that I could require a second
surgery depending on how I heal. But at this time I am being positive. I
feel like having them removed is the easy part but dealing with the
mental and emotional effects of having them removed will be much more
difficult. Because I have had my implants my entire adult life. I am
looking for a therapist to help me cope with my choices and move

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Thank you everyone for the love and support,

“Eve Laurence” 

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